High Quality Flag Products & Expert Telescoping Flagpole Installation At Your Home Or Business


Our telescoping flagpoles can be removed and stored when you leave for extended periods of time and can easily extend to 20ft in seconds!


Get ready to decorate your home or business with pride! We have a wide variety of quality American, military, and state flags at great prices.

Specialty Lighting

Light up your flag with our lighting fixtures! We hard-wire our lighting into your lamppost to illuminate your flag. Make your flag shine bright!

Solar Light Accessory

Our solar light fits on your flagpole. When your flag whips in the wind, the light will follow and keep the flag lit, no matter which way it blows!

New Products

Control Your Flags by Remote Control

The easiest way to display and protect any Flag or Banner!

  • Includes a 28″ x 40″ nylon USA Flag
  • Weather resistant and lightweight
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Assembled in the USA


Let us take care of your flags! Not only do we offer a variety of flagpoles and flags, but we also provide maintenance services to keep them in top condition. Get the most out of your flags with our services.

Residential Repair
& Service

Keep the flagpole at your home in top shape with our repair services! Whether it's a broken pole or malfunctioning rope or truck, we can provide fast and effective solutions to get your flagpole back in working order. .
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Commercial Repair
& Service

Your business flagpole might be tall, but it’s no problem for us! We have the equipment and the technical knowledge to repair your flagpoles, rope, or truck, no matter how tall your company’s flagpole is.
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Flag Service

The flagpole may be important, but the condition of your flag is even more so! If your flag has grown ratty over time, is beaten by the weather, and needs replacement, you can call us! We will bring and install the new flag and dispose of your old flag properly.
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What Makes Our Flagpoles Better?

Our flagpoles are designed for areas that receive high winds, so they are built to last.

Our flagpoles are high-quality, with swivel rings which prevent fading and breaking.

Our flagpoles are made to make raising & lowering, as well as changing or replacing flags, super simple.

We Are Veteran Owned & Operated

Paul is a US Navy Seabee Veteran and a member of the VFW. He served during the first Gulf war, and after many years working in construction and remodeling, Paul is thrilled to be able to help local residents fly their flags high in honor of country, military, family, school teams and more.

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