Our telescoping flagpole package includes:

  • The flagpole (comes in 16′, 20′, & 25′ sizes)
  • An American flag
  • Ground sleeve
  • Swivel rings and snaps to fly two flags
  • 3′′ anodized gold ball top.

The pole has no ropes, no chains, and no pulleys…so there’s no worry about knots and tangles!

The flagpole is installed into a ground sleeve, which is cemented in the ground. Each section of the flagpole raises and lowers easily and the flagpole can even be removed and stored when the owner leaves for extended periods of time.

Using our flagpoles is easy! Match the arrow to the hole, click the button in place, and with a simple press of the “release” button, down your flagpole slides. Our flagpoles easily extend to 20ft in seconds!

The Benefits of Our Flagpoles:

  • Options of a Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole or HD Telescoping flagpole (the HD, heavy duty, poles are designed for areas receiving high winds)
  • Color options include: Bronze, Black, or Silver
  • Durable anodized aluminum swivel rings which prevent fading and breaking
  • The option to fly two flags (double harness ring)
  • Rope and pulley-free system which means no tangles or knots and no clanging noises
  • Expert Installation!

We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation at your home or business to help you determine the size, color and location of the flagpole installation. 


When you are looking for a flag, you want one that will last. Our flags are durable and ideal for all weather conditions. Village Flagpoles also has high-quality replacement flags at reasonable prices. We have American flags, most military flags, and some state flags. The majority of our flags are made in the U.S.A.

Our flags are:

  • 3’x5’ or 4’x6’
  • Nylon & Polyester
  • US Flags are constructed with ¼” seams and x-boxing on the fly hems
  • Solar max treated for ultra violet rays
  • Threads are color matched

Flagpole Lighting

Specialty Lighting for Flagpoles:

Give your flag the spotlight it deserves with our high-quality lighting fixtures! We professionally hard-wire our specialty lighting items into your lamppost for a bright and even illumination of your flag.

Our lighting fixtures are LED to ensure the brightest and most efficient light possible.

Solar Light Accessory:

Illuminate your flagpole day and night with our solar light accessory! This unique and smart design is designed to follow the flag around the pole, no matter which direction the wind blows. The light is equipped with 1000 Lumens and 20 super bright LED lights, tempered glass, and an aluminum housing – the brightest in the industry!

Make sure your flag is always visible, no matter what conditions the wind brings, with this efficient and powerful solar accessory!